A section about us

Beliefs + Practices

We are a BAAS team (branding-as-a-service) that helps early stage startups and small businesses disrupt markets.

Some things we do differently:

› We live for results

› We practice lean branding

› We brand holistically

› We operate from principles, not trends

› We let empiricism and empathy guide

› We believe emotion is at the start of behavior, and logic follows

Lean branding

Our methodology

Traditional Branding


Lean Branding



Identify brand goals:

Customer interviews – pains, brand exercises, market analysis, business model canvas, UVP


Align brand goals with brand function:

How can the brand function in order to achieve goals: messaging, visual, service change, product pivot, customer support, business model.

Ideation – Hypothesis

Create an identity hypothesis (verbal, visual) to test the brand function success:

If [this copy], then [sign-up]

If [business decision], then [trust build]


Experiments that disprove or validate hypothesis:

Did our hypothesis work: [If this message, then this response]


Identify what worked and implement to success and discard the failure.

Iterate / Repeat

Repeat the cycle as you continually learn your brand.  The cycle never stops since your brand is continually evolving.

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