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The makings of Splicity, a technology startup

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Splicity is a mobile video app on a mission to democratize storytelling.  Through guided step-by-step assistance, Splicity helps users capture a 15-second narratives that turns any ordinary video into a masterpiece.


Brand Challenge

How could we use branding to onboard 1 million users? Not only was the video market a crowded one, the product had an unclear value offering.  Additionally, Splicity’s business operated as a B:B:C (business to business to consumer) so we had multiple audiences to consider.  We took an unconventional approach that clarified incentives for users and brands.

Brand Function

Clarity: What is it, why should it exist on my phone?

Reach: Shareable and addictive + Featured on App store, Techcrunch

Affinity: How strong is their connection to you / other services

Belonging: How can users become constituents in the mission

Trust: Credibility + empirical (it works)


Why: Connect people through story

How: Democratizing narrative: anyone and everyone can easily

What: Mobile video app that guides users throughout to make amazing videos through a narrative structure

Verbal Systems


Storytell your life

Simple Storytelling

Live you life, tell your story

Live your story

Everyday storytellers

Visual Systems


  • App store images
  • App store icon
  • Word mark
  • Website landing page
  • Website design

The challenge

How might we create a visual identity that competes with thousands of apps on the app store?  Our philosophy was straightforward: distinctive breeds disruptive.  We focused on simple, fresh, and energized identity.

Here are some visuals of our work:

App store




Landing page + Web app

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