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Rafterhouse reimagines placemaking – bringing value to the things that appear unworthy.  As tradesmen with a relentless pursuit of mastery, they’re able to create a sense of place one home at a time. Their known by “building post-war era ranch homes reborn for the modern life”.


Brand Challenge

In a market greatly dominated by homebuilders, real-estate agents, and house flippers, how might we cut the noise by offering an superior, exceptional alternative?


Brand Function

Clarity: Make value proposition felt

Trust: Authenticity and ethics

Belonging: Bring followers into the movement

Price point: Sell houses within 24 hours



Why: Bettering the quality of life

How: Reimagine placemaking in neighborhoods, one home at a time.

What: Transforming post-war era ranch homes for the modern life.



  • Homebuyers
    • Negative perception of “Home Flippers”
    • Connection to real-estate company
    • Clarity of value proposition:
    • Trust: high quality at lowest price


  • Sellers
    • Credibility of business
    • Fair price point for buying


  • Homebuyers
    • Copy: The beautiful craftsmanship of North Scottsdale, but in your budget
    • Channel: Active consumer relationship on social media
    • Persona: Shared values for craft, ethics, and relationship


  • Sellers
    • Quality: Increase property value
    • Integrity: Build trust through brand recognition
    • Price: Fairness for every home



  • Name should be easy to recognize and spoken
  • Name can be trademarked
  • “.com” is a high priority
  • Familiar but unique feeling
  • Old fashioned 1950’s ERA with modern twist
  • Not competing with too many other names (stands out)
  • Story-based name over empty vessel: Story tied to name (Short story to describe)
  • Visually appealing combination of letters
  • One word name (ideally), less than 3 syllables
  • Prefer “Builds” suffix (Hedley Builds), “Lane” or “House”
  • It must pass the “I work for _______” test



  • Place
  • Movement
  • Verb



  • Mainstay
  • Spark Builds
  • Henhouse
  • Flexhouse
  • Lanehouse
  • Fiftyhouse
  • Earnest builds
  • Switchhouse
  • Handhouse
  • Kingsly
  • Wentforth
  • Linehouse
  • Makers trade
  • Rafterhouse
  • Kinword
  • Kindridge



  • Your first place
  • Building community one home at a time
  • (building) More than a home
  • Life happens here
  • Building what matters
  • Make yourself at home
  • Home free
  • Home alas
  • Neoclassical homes
  • Building timeless homes and lasting families
  • Long last the home
  • Lasting Homes
  • Restoring home values
  • Finding and making what matters
  • People centered homes
  • Homes that matter
  • Making place for you
  • Placemakers movement
  • Making your home a lifestyle
  • Lifestyle your home
  • Everything happens here
  • The first step to building families
  • Bringing back the value of home

Verbal systems

Key messages

Your house will be unique

You won’t have to worry about repairs/ peace of mind

We don’t cut corners

Quality/ a return to old fashioned values/ craftsmanship

Highest bang for your buck

Family oriented



Communication : It’s respectful to return calls and emails, that’s why we do it. You can count on always hearing back from us in a timely manner.

Speed: Nobody likes waiting for their house to close, including us. So we take care of business. We do everything in our power to speed the process and help you sell your house, or close on a Rafterhouse.

Integrity: We keep our word; even if it costs us.

Tone of voice

Honesty / Sincere

Transparent and honest. Your brand keeps things simple. The language you use is easy to understand. You try and break things down to its most understandable form. You want your audience to understand the time and effort that is put into each job. Write as if you are writing to an individual rather than an ambiguous group of people. \

Avoid long bodies of text.
Use visuals as much as possible.
Make messages simple and easy to understand.
Write with a sincere tone of voice


This brand believes that actions speak louder than words. There is no need to talk about how you are the best. Show them. Use language that is fun and inviting, that guides people through the experience.

Be educational not pretentious

Things we take seriously:
Our craft
Your home
Giving you peace of mind

Web copy (example)

A Rafterhouse is a promise. It is a promise that we are honest. We don’t cut corners so you don’t have to worry about repairs. We do great work with the relentless pursuit of quality. We are some of the few who still believe in old fashioned values. We care about these things so much because people matter. Folks live in these homes and that means something to us.

Employee culture

The vision of the company: This company was started out of a desire to build something meaningful in the valley. Here are some things that have meaning for us:

Having a family environment at our office (monthly lunches with family, friends & coworkers) where fun and work are infused.

Being financially independent, where we don’t have to take loans for our houses.

Building our brand into a household name that represents a higher standard in the real estate investment market.

Building a team of agents and a construction managers/and crew.

To use this business to create space to pursue other meaningful activities.

Visual systems



  • Full logo Signature
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Flyers




AZ Central

Arcadia Real Estate


Instagram 23.9k followers

Price point

Houses sell within a couple days of listing


“Aside from their great taste in home design, these guys are part marketing genius. Remember how I told you that this wasn’t the typical flipping company? That is because they have built a cult following by creating beautiful marketing pieces, and utilizing social media to create big buzz around Arcadia. With over 2,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, Rafterhouse has every Arcadia mom drooling with their design photos. Most home flippers try to fly under the radar so that their competitors don’t bite their style. These guys blanket their rent-a-fences with attractive advertising pieces to let everyone know what is about to come.”  –Arcadia Real Estate

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